Video: Lakers’ Bynum didn’t like losing to Spurs


Last night, the San Antonio Spurs demolished the Los Angeles Lakers 121-91 in Los Angeles handing the Lakers their worst loss of the season.

Andrew Bynum (who crushed the Spurs last week with 30 rebounds and 16 points) played well for Los Angeles (21 points, seven rebounds) but did not duplicate his stellar performance in the Spurs-Lakers first meeting.

After the game, Bynum was asked about his thoughts on the huge loss to San Antonio when this  happened. Check out Bynum blowing off a reporter who was simply doing her job asking about the game and the rematch with the Spurs later this week.


Classy Bynum! Very classy move. Just goes to show you this guy still has a lot of growing up to do.

But for Spurs fans, this is music to their ears.