Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo goes ‘Mano a Manu’


During the 2013 NBA Finals, Guillermo of "The Jimmy Kimmel Live" show hit up media day in Miami which meant one thing – comedy gold. In case you do not know who Guillermo is, he is the loveable sidekick for Jimmy Kimmel and regularly gets into shenanigans during the show.

While the Finals series was in Miami, he took part in the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat media session and asked the hard hitting questions such as if Chris Andersen "sucks" in baseball, the last time Ray Allen made out with a girl and much more.

He also caught up with Manu Ginobili where he shared with the masses his exclusive interview with Manu Ginobili in a segment he called "Mano a Manu."

Check out the "lengthy" interview Guillermo had with Manu including pestering Tony Parker and Tracy McGrady as to why LeBron hates him.