Video: Javtokas injured after foul from Gasol. Dirty play?


San Antonio Spurs 2001 draft pick Robertas Javtokas and Lithuania faced the Spanish national team in a tune-up for the EuroBasket tournament in Lithuania.

However, during the game as Javtokas was heading to the rim, Memphis Grizzlies and Spanish center Marc Gasol got caught under Javtokas sending him to the floor and suffering an elbow injury.

Check out the video below but if you are the faint of heart, do not watch.

Tough break for Lithuania and Javtokas. For those who do not remember, Javtokas suffered a a horrible motorcycle crash in 2002 and came back to the court in 2003 after many felt his playing days were over.

But the question remains Spurs fans, was this a dirty play by Gasol? As evidenced in the video, Gasol undercuts Javtokas and it seems he throws an elbow while trying to get out from under Javtokas.