(Video) Heat fan opens up on violent road incident with Spurs fans


As our friends at News 4 San Antonio reported last week, after the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, a Heat fan, wearing a LeBron James jersey, was run off the road by Spurs fans which resulted in him being sent ot the hospital for multiple injuries including a broken shoulder blade and collar bone.

Now, victim Chad Cazares, spoke to News 4 San Antonio about the incident where he states Spurs fans did indeed run him off the road simply for wearing a Heat jersey.

As the video report stated, there was another reported incident of Spurs fans harassing Heat fans in San Antonio.

San Antonio has always been known to have the classiest fans in the league and have rarely, if never, stirred trouble since celebrating the team's four NBA titles. 

Let's take it down a notch people and chill. Remember it is just a game and the outcome won't change your life dramatically whether the Spurs win it all or not.

Let's keep it classy, show the world how to celebrate responsibly, and leave the battle for the Spurs and Heat on the court.