Video: Goran Dragic gets ejected in brawl vs. Turkey


They call exhibition games "friendlies" but there was nothing "friendly" in a recent game between Team Slovenia and Turkey. With Eurobasket 2013 inching closer, Slovenia and Turkey squared off in a tune-up game when things got a bit out of control. 

Suns' guard Goran Dragic took offense to a hard foul from a Turkish player when the two got tangled up and the benches cleared. Dragic was driving in the lane when the Turkish player made a play for the ball but Goran took offense to the hit and got tossed. Though when looking at the foul, it was a nothing more than a hard foul to stop the ball. Seems Goran may have overracted a bit.

Check out video of Dragic, Team Slovenia and Turkey brawling it up in a "friendly" match.

Dragic was selected by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2008 NBA Draft but his draft rights were traded to the Suns.

(h/t Crossover Chronicles)