Video: Ginobili, Duncan shove former teammate Jefferson


While San Antonio Spurs fans have been showering former Spur Richard Jefferson with boos every time he has checked in for the Goflden State Warriors, there wasn't anything there to show any tension between Jefferson and his former teammates, until now.

After a timeout during Game 5 in San Antonio, Jefferson recieved a little shove from both Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan. While some say it's because he was on the Spurs' side, it seems to me that this happens after Jefferson  blocks use of the courtside traction pad from Spurs guard Cory Joseph.

While the shoves were nothing too serious or overly aggressive, it's still a surprise between a group of former teammates. While one could see they were playing with Jefferson, Duncan's scowl and subsequent staredown made it seem like much more than that.

As a Spur, Jefferson once said that after seeing the same team in the playoffs for four plus consecutive games, you tire of seeing the same faces. Seeing Jefferson for over two years and five playoff games could possibly have been enough for Duncan and Ginobili.