Video: Ginobili admits he wasn’t enjoying basketball last season due to injuries

San Antonio Spurs sixth-man extraordinaire and owner of three NBA championships, Manu Ginobili, spoke to KENS 5's Joe Reinagel about numerous things including his summer, family, and recovery from the devastating Finals loss to the Miami Heat.
However, the more revealing thing about the interview was Manu admitted he wasn't enjoying the game of basketball anymore due to the various injuries he dealt with last season. Check out the video.

What I took away from the interview was that Manu once again seems refreshed from essentially three months devoid of basketball, and hungry once again to help get the Spurs back to contending for a title.
It was also nice to hear how appreciative he is for his coaches, teammates as well as the city of San Antonio that have helped him to achieve so much.
However, hearing Manu admit that he lost the passion for playing because of his injuries might put in perspective why he floundered late in the season and postseason.
And make no mistake, Manu knows just how special and rare it has been for the big three to be together for so long, enjoying success.
"It's unheard of," said an obviously appreciative Manu.