Video: Fernandez takes out Parker with hard foul


If Rudy Fernandez has any fans in San Antonio, he might have just lost them all with this hard foul on San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker.

During the second quarter of yesterday’s Eurobasket 2011 championship game, Fernandez decided to introduce his hand to Parker’s neck as he dropped Parker to the court as Parker was in mid-air going for a layup. Check it out.

Look I know was the championship game Fernandez but no need for the hard foul like that. Add the fact Parker is one of the Spurs’ “Big 3” and this hard foul will not sit well with Spurs fans.

So Rudy, it’s bad enough you are going to be wearing a Mavericks’ jersey next season but this cheap shot on Parker was uncalled for. Try that again in the regular season Rudy and you might just be seeing DeJuan Blair charging at you instead of Boris Diaw. 

Thoughts Spurs fans? Was this a cheap foul or not?