Video: Ex-Spur Gaze gets distracted for all the right reasons


Former San Antonio Spurs guard Andrew Gaze (member of the 1999 team) is now announcing games back in his home country of Australia for the NBL and during a recent match between the Perth Wildcats and Sydney Kings, Gaze couldn’t get through running down some stats.

Why you may ask? Simple, the absolutely, striking Australian cheerleaders dancing and gyrating right in front of him (h/t


You know, after watching the video and seeing those cheerleaders, I can’t say I blame him one bit. I mean what man can keep a straight face with nothing but cheerleaders in mini-skirts dancing up a storm.

However, you got to love his partner call him out on his “professionalism.” I might have just gotten up, walk on over, start to dance with them, and buy them a drink.