(Video) ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on the Spurs: ‘They don’t have a weakness’


San Antonio Spurs fans really love to hate ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. Whether it be his “hate” for the Spurs, his screaming ways to get his point across, or his disdain for Tiago Splitter.

But after the Spurs who not only swept the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers in the playoffs, and had a tremendous comeback from 24-points in Game 3 versus the Clippers, Smith finally came around and has to admit this team is close to unbeatable.

Check out what Smith, and Skip Bayless (who is a huge Spurs fan) had to say about San Antonio and for a rare moment, Smith actually sees what all Spurs fans and others see about this team – they are close to invincible.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Are the Spurs close to unbeatable?