Video: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has no love for Spurs’ Splitter


Stephen A. Smith. Some love him, some tolerate him, and some revile him. And after this video clip, I am sure most, if not all San Antonio Spurs fans will simply love to hate him.

Smith (aka “Screaming” A. Smith) and Skip Bayless went toe-to-toe on the Spurs on today’s ESPN’s First Take. Bayless, who is picking the Spurs as the favorite to win the Western Conference, defended the Spurs by saying how Tiago Splitter and Patty Mills will make the difference for San Antonio.

Bayless went on to base his point on how Tiago sets good picks, which in turn, will propel the Spurs to the NBA Finals. This caused Smith to laugh hysterically.

Although Bayless may be taking it a bit far with Splitter and his picks being the difference for the Spurs, Smith just continued to laugh in the face of Bayless and mocked Boris Diaw for his weight issues and Mills because of his first name.