Video: ESPN's Bayless still picks Spurs over new look Lakers


It’s been on the lips of many NBA fans and especially been the talk among San Antonio Spurs fans — the Los Angeles Lakers acquiring center Dwight Howard.

In what seems like the Lakers always getting franchise players for almost a steal (case in point Pau Gasol), L.A. landed the NBA’s best center to add to Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Gasol which makes the Lakers a formidable team in the Western Conference and in the league.

Spurs great David Robinson recently chimed in and says L.A. still doesn’t have enough to compete with the Spurs and also getting into the discussion is ESPN’s Skip Bayless and Spurs fans “favorite,” Stephen A. Smith.

Bayless, a huge Spurs fan, simply says the Lakers adding Howard does not make them the team to beat in the West and that San Antonio is still the second best team in the West behind the Thunder. Of course Smith completely disagrees and laughs at Skip’s pick of the Spurs and continues to show his dislike for Tiago Splitter while laughing at Patty Mills.


Alright time for you to chime in Spurs fans? What do you have to say?