Video: ESPN’s Bayless, Legler get heated over referee’s calls made in Game 6 of WCF


The San Antonio Spurs’ season is over as they fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder (4-2) in the Western Conference Finals but Game 6 wasn’t without its controversy.

When the Spurs were surging back after losing an 18-point lead, the referees made two questionable offensive foul calls (both on Manu Ginobili) which may or may not have cost the Spurs a chance to tie the series and force a Game 7.

Even Tim Duncan quipped the refs seemed to have made favorable calls for OKC.

ESPN’s Skip Bayless (an ardent Spurs fans) and Tim Legler discussed the refs’ calls against San Antonio’s Ginobili and it got quite heated. Check it out.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? I know the series is over and it’s time to move on but do you feel the refs cost the Spurs the game and a chance to force a Game 7?