Video: Dwyane Wade says his Euro step is just as good as Ginobili’s


When San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili came on the NBA scene, not only did he bring flare to the NBA, he also brought the Euro step. Manu pretty much perfected the move which consists of a leaning step one way and a quick cut the opposite way. It can be a devastating move on any defender which leave them standing flat footed as a player goes in for an easy bucket towards the rim.

However, Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade considers his Euro step equally as good as Ginobili's but says his is different. Check it out.

OK so you saw Wade show off his Euro step and how he performs the move. Not too bad but there's only one player who is the master at the Euro step – Manu.

Check out Manu and Dwyane doing the Euro step and you decide who does the move better – Wade or Ginobili?