Video: Duncan, Splitter bring the highlights


If you missed the San Antonio Spurs game against the Washington Wizards on Monday, you didn’t see a couple of pretty sick highlights from some uncharacteristic sources.

For example, if I said coast-to-coast with a nice drive through the lane and an easy two points, that has to be Tony Parker, right? Wrong!

Tim Duncan grabs the rebound, drives the whole court and finishes off with a nice slam. What’s the first rule on defending the fast break? Stop the ball. Everyone knows that! Well, everyone except the Wizards.


It’s nice to see TD showing off the ball handling skills. I’m impressed.

Next, if I said circus shot basket plus a foul you probably think Manu Ginobili. Well how about Tiago Splitter?

Splitter literally gets thrown to the ground by Shelvin Mack. He heaves up a prayer that somehow goes in. Good for the basket and the free throw. Splitter had a pretty solid game against the Wizards capped off by this acrobatic play.