Video: Duncan Doesn’t Want to forget Finals loss


With the San Antonio Spurs beginning their quest to return to the NBA Finals with a opening night victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.  The taste of how the things ended last June is still fresh in the mind of both Spurs fans and players alike.

Before the home opener Tim Duncan shared his thoughts on how last season ended. Needless to say, much like the city he plays for where they still "Remember the Alamo," he doesn't want to forget  the loss to the Heat in the Finals.


Duncan is taking the right approach to dealing with the events from last June.  Even though the Finals didn’t finish the way they wanted to, it was not anything to be ashamed of.

The 82 game NBA season in a journey that rival Homer’s Odyssey. With numerous road trips filled with back to back games, series of home and home games, the team needs to take the bad emotions and feelings as fuel to push them to win those games.

As was shown during the Finals, the team will need to get home court advantage through out the playoffs.

The role plays excelled at shooting lights out at home during the playoffs.  The more games they have at home, the more the bench will contribute and help save the "Big Three” of Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker for key end of game situations.

So as the season begins, the Spurs need to hit the ground running and use the memories from the Finals to push them to the best record in the NBA.

So Spurs’ fans do you believe that remembering the 2013 Finals will help the Spurs finish the season with the NBA’s best record?