Video: Did you know Davis Bertans plays with a missing finger?


Forward Davis Bertans (traded to the San Antonio Spurs during the 2011 NBA Draft) is currently on the road to recovery after suffering an ACL tear which required surgery. He is in good spirits and is looking to come back a "beast" as he put it once he is back on the court.

However, before he even stepped foot on a court, did you know he nearly lost his entire hand in a saw accident? It's true.

When he was just 13-years old, he and his brother and father were cutting wood with an electric saw when the glove he was wearing got caught in the saw and he lost a finger on his right hand. But that didn't stop Davis' drive to be a pro-basketball player as he is currently with Partizan and is one of the better shooters in the Euroleague (shot 47% from the three-point line before the ACL injury).

Check out what Bertans had to say about the accident including a funny story he shared between him and his doctor when he lost his finger.