Video: Dennis Rodman the diplomat?


Former San Antonio Spurs forward Dennis Rodman is back in the spotlight. "The Worm" is in North Korea to bring basketball diplomacy to the country — one of the United States' heated rivals.

Rodman is joining three members of the Harlem Globetrotters to film some segments for a television show while also showing and teaching some of North Korea's people about basketball and what they bring to the court. Although bringing basketball to foreign countries is always a great idea, some may think Rodman should be last on the list of diplomats with his controversial attitude and personality.

With the United States on shaky grounds with North Korea, is Rodman the ideal diplomat to have overseas right now? He is quite the opposite when it comes to North Korean "fashion" and conservative lifestyle.

What do you Spurs fans think about the former Spur representing the United States and basketball in general in North Korea? Is it a good move or will Rodman be responsible for a new tensions between the two countries?

You can check out the video below.