Video: Comedian Will Ferrell introduces Bulls, Hornets lineup


It was 80’s night in New Orleans last night as the Hornets and Bulls faced off. So not only did the Hornets’ big screen flash images from the 80s such as G.I. Joe, Pac-Man, and play some Journey and AC/DC (which had me singing as I was writing this) the Hornets also brought in comedian Will Ferrell to introduce the players where the hilarity began.

And by “hilarity” I mean we find out Bulls’ Carlos Boozer still lives with his mom, Joakim Noah is a horrible dancer, and apparently Derrick Rose’s favorite movie is The Notebook. As for the Hornets, Ferrell mentions Emeka Okafor minored in “love” while at U-Conn, and that Jarrett Jack wants to be a rodeo clown after he is done in the NBA.

Pretty funny stuff but nothing can compare to Ferrell’s announcing of the players and ball girls in his flick Semi-Pro, where the San Antonio Spurs were featured as the bad guys. NSFW footage below.

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