Video: Chemistry between ‘The Admiral’ and ‘The Big Fundamental’ didn’t come quickly


Seeing how the Miami Heat progressed from the formation of their “Big 3” to back-to-back NBA Champions, it is clear they needed time and chemistry to build their dynasty.

As the following video shows, even the San Antonio Spurs’ own vaunted "Twin Towers," of "The Admiral” David Robinson and Tim Duncan, needed time to get themselves acclimated to each other’s games and with their teammates as well.

Check out this classic interview done by Doc Rivers with Robinson and Duncan as they explained that meshing didn't come fast.

For Duncan, the adjustment originated around him taking the leadership role on a team full of veterans, while Robinson had to adjust from being a league MVP and leader of the team to having the offense centered on Duncan.

Just like Duncan now, Robinson had that trust in Coach Greg Popovich’s vision for the team and all the changes were in the best interest of the team.

That trust does not come overnight; time is needed to build that trust among the team so that you know exactly what is going through the mind of the person on the floor next to you.

Without that trust, you have five individuals on the floor who are doing their own thing which normally results in all five players looking, at times, foolish or confused.

Consistency was another thing that helped the Spurs.  Looking at the roster of the 1998-1999 team and the 1999-2000 team, it helped to build the foundation for the teams that followed.  The new players were able to learn from the leaders and role players who had been there before on what was expected from them, thereby speeding up the acclimation process for new players.

With these key ingredients, the Spurs have been able construct their current streak of having sixteen straight seasons with an appearance in the playoffs.

So Spurs fans, while it appears that the Heat have followed the blue print closely and with a good amount of success, the question becomes, do you think they will build a dynasty like the one that Spurs organization and their fans currently enjoy?