Video Breakdown: Derrick White 26 Points, 11 Assist Points vs Kings


In the San Antonio Spurs’ opening seeding game against the Sacramento Kings, guard Derrick White scored 26 points and his five assists led to 11 points for his teammates.

The video breaks down some of White’s created points against the Kings. Editor’s note: Three made basket clips are missing due to unavailability from the NBA.

Here’s where White’s 37 created points came from:

12 points from three

11 teammate points from 5 assists

8 points in the paint

6 points from the free throw line

White’s 37 created points were second behind only DeMar DeRozan (52 created points) on the team.

White was also efficient in creating points in his time on the floor, as he created 1.09 points per minute. Only De’Aaron Fox (2.00) and DeRozan (1.37) created more points per minute in the game.

White shot 8/15 from the floor, he collected eight rebounds, one steal, and a block while also turning the ball over five times in his 34 minutes of play.



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