Video: ‘Big Fundamental’ with vintage performance vs. Bucks


San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan is supposed to be at th end of his career with his statistics dwindling down along with his skills on the court. He's supposed to be slower and inefficient.

That's what he's supposed to be, but what we're actually getting is the opposite.

Duncan is averaging 18ppg and 9rpg this season and he showed that type of performance against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday. He's been active on the offensive end with a more versatile game by adopting a jump shot and having more livelier legs on defense with his solid rotations and rebounding. He's had a more active role this season than in recent memory and with more success with his new leaner look.

Even at 36 years old, Duncan has defied "Father Time" and he used the Bucks as an example.