Video: Baynes Earns High Praise From Summer League MVP


After their final Las Vegas Summer League game versus the San Antonio Spurs, the Summer League’s MVP the Raptors Jonas Valanciunas took a moment to speak about his former teammate Aron Baynes.

Valanciunas stated he played the same physicality as when they were teammates.  He took a moment to praise his low post game.


Baynes pulled down 15 rebounds versus the Atlanta Hawks on July 15, 2013, the most rebounds since the Spurs starting taking part in the Summer League back in 2007.

For Baynes, the work has just begun, he will need to build upon these results in training camp and during pre-season games in order to gain minutes in Coach Greg Popovich’s system. Not to mention with the Spurs lacking some much-needed size, Baynes could fill in the gap.

Kawhi Leonard showed, last season, that it is possible for young players to gain minutes after a great summer league, but the improvement can’t stop after the last game in Las Vegas finishes.

To the Spurs Summer League team members, congratulations on a job well done, but don’t forget the goal is to improve so that the Spurs are the final team standing next June.