Video: Aron Baynes – Slam Dunk Champ

It hasn't been the most exciting San Antonio Spurs offseason — doesn't Jeff Pendergraph for two-years, $4 million just whet your appetite? — but, with the championship window dwindling every year and the margin for error decreasing in a jammed Western Conference, San Antonio needs to capitalize on the few moves they make. A championship is at stake, after all.
But I'm not going to go there. Maybe another day. It's time for some random fun: Without further adieu, please welcome Aron Baynes… 2010 slam dunk champion. Yes, that is not a typo.
The man is 6-foot-10 and 260 pounds, quite large for an NBA player, and he can do stuff like, well, that. Baynes, turning 27 in December, is on the hook for a paltry 788,872 salary this season according to Sham Sports. He'll hit restricted free agency in 2014-15, and San Antonio will be in a good position to secure his services for a few more years. Baynes played sporadically in Gregg Popovich's rotation last season, appearing in 20 games, but he's an intriguing developmental prospect because, well, you don't find huge guys with athleticism on the NBA scrap heap often.
But before I put a wrap on this post, how can I leave all of you Spurs fans without a trip down memory lane. If you thought those dunks were nice, remember this dunk Baynes had while playing with the Toros? Absolutely sick!


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