Video: A reminder that Tim Duncan is just awesome

San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan was able to post his best scoring and rebounding stats this past season (17.8 PPG 9.9 RPG) since the 2009-10 season (17.9 PPG 10.1 RPG). This highlight mix from this past season is pure perfection.  
Even at the age of 37 now, Duncan seemed to gain a step in his game from where it had been the past couple of seasons. The footwork and timing his game is based on has not faded one bit. Of course age will take a toll on his speed, but his footwork is so far ahead of big men in the game today that he can still dominate for periods at a time within a game. 
Check out this clinic that Duncan provided this season.

Do Spurs fans think Duncan is still the best big man in the game today?

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