Video: A look at Belinelli in action and what he can bring to San Antonio


After watching the San Antonio Spurs let a championship  slip through their collective fingers, the San Antonio Spurs off season signings were done with one objective in mind, that being to make a return trip back to the NBA Finals and finish the season by standing on the podium victorious with the Larry O’Brien trophy.

In order to accomplish this goal, one of the pieces the Spurs brought in is the 6’5’’ guard Marco Bellinelli. 

In the following video of Italy’s recent victory over Israel, Bellinelli shows some of the attributes that the Spurs believe will help them complete the journey that ended prematurely in June.


In the clip, Bellinelli shows that he gives his full focus on the defensive end of the floor.  You see him keeping track of his man while still making the next rotation to help his teammate who is helping in the low post.

He will also bring to the Spurs another ball handler come crunch time.  With a career 80.8% career free throw shooting percentage that will especially come in handy when the game becomes a free throw shooting contest come playoff time.

Bellinelli will give the Spurs another shooter on the perimeter and someone who can also slash to the basket that doesn’t need to have the ball in his hands to create his shot.

On the defensive end, he will be a marked improvement over Gary Neal, by giving the Spurs another guard who can defend the other team’s two guards.

So after looking at this footage, do you think Marco will fit in with San Antonio next season?