Video: A day in the life of Tony Parker


When San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker isn't playing 82 regular season games and several playoff games, he is just as busy in the offseason.

After the Spurs lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals, Parker didn't have much time before he was in France training for the Olympics and playing in friendlies. He's been just as busy after the Olympics as well.

While you may have seen Parker in his rare off time this summer enjoying his vacation, he'll be back at it in the Spurs practice facility later this month. Until then, his days have involved early morning training sessions, appearances for sponsors and the Make-A-Wish foundation, according to a recent feature by French site RMCSport, where Parker hosts a radio show.

Friday morning, it is barely 7am and the athlete is already close to an hour of training, in a room of Champs-Elysées, to prepare his recovery with his club Spurs San Antonio. The menu treadmill session, working with ball 10kg, abdominal, cast iron, dumbbells and stretching…It is 8 am, return for breakfast at home. The triple NBA champion takes the direction of Bercy, to praise the product Maverix he "loves". It is an all-terrain electric skateboard, created by two friends…This product will be available at the beginning of Baskup cartoon broadcast on M6 where TP is the hero. The leader of the Spurs also pubs with "Quick, Tissot, Nike, Toutpargel, Kinder … so I have a lot of appearances to do." Altruistic field, Tony Parker is also in life.
Ambassador of the association "Make A Wish" which helps sick children realize their dreams, and he will attend both dinners, Lyon (20/09) and Monaco (22/09). Before these dinners, TP will be present at Dijon on Wednesday to follow his club ASVEL (which he is vice-president).
As you can see, Tony Parker's offseason schedule is quite busy. As an NBA player, basketball team vice president, local club owner along with many other responsibilities, it's surprising how well Parker takes it in stride. But coming into the NBA at 19 and being thrown into the starting lineup just days intro his rookie season, Parker has had to grow up fast, and he's got much more than just three rings to show for it.
Watch part of RMCSports' day with Parker below.

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