Valencia increases de Colo’s buy out


According to, Valencia Power Electronics has raised San Antonio Spurs’ draftee Nando de Colo’s buy-out:

The Power Electronics has increased buyout Colo Nando to prevent the other team can grab it easily, since there are several who want him on their staff, including some of the best league in the world. Recently there has been a scout for San Antonio Spurs (French team elected in the NBA draft) according to the player.

So far the clause was about 700,000 euros. The base still has two years left on his contract and he has raised the salary. “He came with a reasonable salary, so it has been improved through the benefits to be had,” said a club spokesman.

Should the Spurs desire to bring him to the team soon, this will present an issue.

I recently had an exclusive interview with de Colo and he did mention the Spurs have spoken to him on areas of his game he needs to improve upon. However, with just two more years remaining on his contract with Valencia, those two years will do him some good to develop his game should he not resign with the club and decide to come to the NBA and the Spurs.

It will be interesting to watch him play in the upcoming 2010 FIBA World Championship. It will give Spurs fans a more in-depth look at him since being drafted by the Spurs in 2009.

In his first action against Team USA in New York City last week, de Colo finished with five points, one steal, one assist, one rebound, was 2-2 from the free-throw line, hit one three-point shot in 20 minutes of play.

Here is the Project Spurs exclusive interview with de Colo.