USC's Vucevic emulates Spurs' Duncan


USC’s Nikola Vucevic is considered on of the best post players in the 2011 NBA Draft. The big man averaged 17.1 points and 10.3 rebounds last season in the Pac-10 and with the need for a solid big man, the San Antonio Spurs have put him on their radar.

It was reported the Spurs have a strong interest in Vucevic and sent Spurs’ scouts attended a few USC home games last season. Not to mention he already has worked out for San Antonio.

And if the Spurs and their fans need any more reason to like Vucevic as a potential future Spur comes this tidbit.

Vucevic emulates one of the game’s greatest big man to ever play — Spurs’ Tim Duncan:

He said when he was a teenager he tried to pattern his game after legendary Yugoslavian small forward Dejan Bodiroga, and since coming to America four years ago he has tried to emulate Tim Duncan.

Vucevic is smart to emulate Duncan. Duncan has the footwork, basketball IQ, championship pedigree, inside-outside game, any post player would want but above all, Duncan has the team-first mentality, humility, and professionalism needed to make an impact in the NBA.

Hopefully Vucevic’s NBA career will begin with the Spurs selecting him in the upcoming draft and joining  the man he emulates.


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