Udonis Haslem: Tim Duncan has no weaknesses


SAN ANTONIO – Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem has had to defend the likes of Roy Hibbert, and Joakim Noah during Miami's postseason run to the NBA Finals and now he finds himself guarding perhaps the greatest big man of this era in the NBA – San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan.

Duncan has been having a solid postseason averaging 17.4 points, 1.7 blocks, 2.2 assists, 9.6 rebounds in 34 minutes per game in the playoffs and heading into the series against San Antonio, Haslem did some scouting on Duncan and discovered that the "Big Fundamental" has no weaknesses.

"I look at the film and I try to find ways to guard him and I really didn't find any weaknesses," said Haslem during the Miami shoot around today. "Once he settles down in that block, you really can't get him out of there. You got to just try to meet him early, and compete and keep him out of those sweet spots and contest everything."

And it didn't stop there.

Haslem was so detailed on what exactly Duncan does on the court that it left him in awe.

"The man was scoring face up jumpers off the glass, he was scoring with the back down, he was scoring with the jumper, he was scoring left hand, right hand, the running hook. I was looking at this like 'what the hell.'"
However, Duncan has shown he is mortal. In Game 2 in Miami, he had a pedestrian 9 points off 3-13 shooting in 30 minutes of action. If the Spurs want any shot at beating the heat in the Finals, they will need Duncan to avoid more games like this.
There's no doubt Duncan will have a bounce-back game after his horrid Game 2 performance and Haslem and the Heat know this. But Udnonis will be ready to do what he can to have Duncan look mortal for another time.
"I try to beat him early, I try to contest everything and I just try to compete. It's all I really can do."
Join the club Udonis. It's all many bigs can do versus Duncan.

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