U-CHOKE-A Shirts


If you subscribe to the Spurscast, you will know the name of our most recent episode was “u-ckoke-a” which was something Jeff quipped up when we were talking about Ime Udoka. I absolutely love the new nickname for Ime more than when we called Brent Barry brickhouse or Bricks Barry.
I recently saw the very cool Dustin Pedroia “Destroia” shirts over at Fire Brand of the American League and was inspired.
So I went ahead and worked away in Photoshop on a quick draft for a U-CHOKE-A shirt and this is the result. I may end up cleaning it up a little more and also working on a version for a white shit. So would you wear one if we gave them away here and on the Spurscast? Would you possibly buy one to support Project Spurs, the Spurscast and our writers? Comment or email us so we’ll know if there is any interest. Who knows, maybe we can come up with more shirts like a LeBroom shirt, since he got swept by the Spurs. Credit for the LeBroom name should be given to loyal reader and listener Brian S.
Oh and did you catch the new Project Spurs logo? It was designed by Tyson Rosage over at MVN and was included in a mockup of the new Project Spurs design for when we make the move over to MVN.