Two former Spurs make best of Arizona list

0 put a list together debating who the number one University of Arizona graduate was that had the best NBA career. The list featured graduates such as newly crowned champion Jason Terry, former scoring machine Gilbert Arenas and a pair of former Spurs, now broadcasters, Sean Elliot and Steve Kerr.

The case for Kerr:

By virtue of Kerr’s five championship rings — three with the Chicago Bulls and two with the San Antonio Spurs — all the former Wildcats probably would trade their careers for Kerr’s. But that’s not quite the same thing as having the best career.

The case for Elliot:

Then there’s Sean Elliott — 12 seasons, a 14.2-point scoring average, the 1999 championship with the San Antonio Spurs … and a forever-highlight: The Memorial Day Miracle, as he nailed a 3-pointer from the corner to beat Portland in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

The writer (Anthony Gimino) ended up picking Jason Terry as the his number one pick. Gimino picked Terry because of all the players listed, Terry has been the second to third option for several years with the teams he has been on and has never scored less than 15.5 points per game in a season. With Terry now an NBA champion, he can now join the elite ranks of Kerr and Elliot.

Those that failed to make the list were Mike Bibby, Spurs’ Richard Jefferson, and former Spurs guard Damon Stoudamire. 

Richard Jefferson has played 10 seasons, averaging 16.4 points, although his two seasons with the Spurs haven’t been as productive offensively. There is still time for him, like there was for Terry, to get that NBA title on the back end of his career.

All you Spurs and Wildcat fans, who do you think is the best NBA player out of the “U of A?”