Tweets on the Spurs by Metta World Peace


The San Antonio Spurs are still waiting to find out which team they'll face next in the Western Conference Semifinals after dispatching the Lakers in four games in the opening round.

On the other side of the playoff bracket, the Clippers and Grizzlies are duking it out out as Memphis is up 3-2 in the series. However, the Clippers look out of sorts, Blake Griffin is limping and they do not look strong with an elimination-game on the horizon.

However, do not tell that to Lakers' Metta World Peace who thinks the Clippers will meet the Spurs in the West Finals while paying Tim Duncan a compliment.

Metta has been very active on Twitter since the Spurs sent his Lakers on vacation and has sent his thoughts on San Antonio. Here is a sample.

First off, he thinks it will be a Spurs-Clippers West Finals.


Now I am sure with a hobbled Griffin may change Peace's mind but with the way L.A. looked in Game 5, reaching the West Finals will be a bit tougher.

Let's not forget, the Spurs swept the Clippers last season in the playoffs and with the Spurs handling Lakers' Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, contending with Griffin ad DeAndre Jordan will be something San Antonio can contend with. But that is for something to discuss later. Right now, the Clippers have to deal with a 3-2 series deficit in order to give Metta's prediction some footing.

Now let's see what Peace has to say about the Grizzlies taking on the Spurs.


Well there's no doubt Memphis is scary and the Spurs will be in for a fight so Metta might be right here. Though it would be one heck of a series and a shot at revenge for San Antonio.

But he does flip the switch and then says Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and crew will win it in the end.


Spurs fans, Metta World Peace!

Leave your thought Spurs fans on Metta and his take on San Antonio.