Trade Deadline Wishlist


The NBA’s trading deadline is this Thursday, February 21. With that in mind, we decided to highlight a few players that would be on our short list if we had the chance to be GM for a day.
Jeff Garcia’s list:
Chris Anderson
Yes. You heard me correctly. The “Birdman”, the guy who took 1000 tries to dunk a ball, they guy who got suspended from the NBA. Hear me out. The dude is athletic, can jump, board, and plays like he has a pair. This guy is the enforcer type who will bang, board and light a fire under the team’s collective heart. To hell with the “Good-boy” image the Spurs shoot for. He is close to being reinstated into the Association and the Spurs should seriously consider this guy.
David Lee
This pick should have been the Spurs in the draft but it was traded way to the Knicks for Nazr “Butterfingers” Mohammad. Talk about energy and boarding skills. Look at a recent stat line: 12 points, 21 FREAKING REBOUNDS! It will take Elson and Oberto 1 full NBA season to get close to 15 boards collectively. He is the perfect complimentary piece to Duncan. The guy is pure energy and is a good guy on the floor and in the locker room. I say the Spurs should trade Elson, Oberto, Vaughn, Finley, Barry, the Coyote, Stan Kelly, 5 AT&T center ushers, a ball boy, the entire Austin Toro’s roster, and a $100.00 gift certificate to Taco Cabana. Isaiah Thomas might just be foolish enough to pull the trigger.

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