Toros promote Jenkins to head coach


Taylor JenkinsAs we spoke about when former Austin Toros head coach Brad Jones was hired as an assistant with the Utah Jazz, the Toros had two assistants that they could easily promote to replace Jones, especially since they've been part of the Toros franchise since under Quin Snyder's reign.

Spurs Sports & Entertainment did just so, promoting Taylor Jenkins to the head coaching role.

Jenkins knows the Spurs and Toros more than any outside hire would and his patience in serving as an assistant under Snyder and Jones has paid off.

Spurs GM RC Buford cites Jenkins' experience when talking about choosing to promote him.

“Taylor has been an integral part of the Toros success over the past four years,” SS&E President of Sport Franchises RC Buford said.  “He’s a bright, young talent and knows our system very well which makes him the ideal person to lead the Toros.”

Jenkins started out as intern with the Spurs in 2007-08, has served as an assistant for Spurs Summer League squads and was an assistant for the 2010 and 2012 West D-League All-Star teams.

The San Antonio Spurs showed confidence in Jenkins, and Alex Lloyd when they chose to keep both assistants around when Jones was originally hired. As an assistant, Jenkins didn't mind throwing on a pair of shorts to help his players and he could continue that as head coach.

With his promotion, the Spurs have an opening for another assistant coach. T.J. Ford served as a voluntary coach last season after he was injured so there is a possibility that the Spurs give Ford his first coaching job with the Toros, but that remains to be seen.