Toros Nation Interviews Coach Brad Jones


On Tuesday, the Austin Toros hired Brad Jones as head coach and today Toros Nation got to talk to him.

Coach Jones said he was very excited and after caoching in the D-League the last three years, he had a lot of respect for the Toros and the Spurs.

“I think it’s the best situation in the D-League,” Jones said. “I don’t know if it could get any better. I had a chance to work with the Jazz guys, and now I have a chance to work with the Spurs guys. I feel very, very fortunate in my coaching journeys here to have those two organizations to work with.”

As far as what he will address in the upcoming draft after the loss of Dwayne Jones, and the potential loss of Alonzo Gee and Curtis Jerrells, Jones said he’ll be looking at players that might be able to help the Spurs in the future.

“Every year in the D-League there’s a whole lot of new things you have to address, the roster is ever-changing,” Jones said. “The biggest thing going in for any D-League team is trying to bult your roster around the wishes of the Spurs, guys that they want to look at developmentally that may have a chance to help the Spurs out.”

For the full interview, listen to the audio below.


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