Toros Looking to Bounce Back During Road Trip


The Austin Toros are off to a rough start this season. So rough that if the playoffs were tomorrow they wouldn’t even get an invite. It would be the first time under Spurs ownership that the team wouldn’t participate in a post-season game.

It was widely known before the season began that without the Toros Trio from last year (Dwayne Jones, Curtis Jerrells, and Alonzo Gee) this year’s squad would have to work hard to produce the same results.

Currently Marcus Cousin is leading the team in scoring and cracks the top 50 in scoring coming in at 49th (14.6). In comparison to last season Gee (21.0) and Jerrells (20.7) were familiar with top ten rankings.

The lack of an all-star on the team has resulted in seven players averaging double figures. With the exception of Vernon Hamilton the remaining six players (Cousin, Squeaky Johnson, Lance Thomas, Thomas Gardner, Kevin Palmer, and Lewis Clinch) are averaging similar possessions. The group effort speaks loudly for what a team is supposed to do yet it has not been enough to post wins on a consistent basis.

The team travels south to McAllen Friday in hopes of snapping their four-game losing streak. A double-header with the Rio Grande Vipers will start their seven-game road trip. Their last stop on the road will be against Utah. Fans can catch that game on Versus Saturday the 22nd at 8 p.m.


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