Toros' Lloyd gives progress report on Adam Hanga


This summer, San Antonio Spurs draftee Adam Hanga spent a few weeks in San Antonio for a workout with the team to gauge his development and give him pointers on his continued improvement. But once the workout was over in San Antonio, it continued in Hungary as Austin Toros assistant coach Alex Lloyd accompanied Hanga to further Hanga’s basketball development.

Alex, in an interview with Hungarian site BB1, spoke on his time with Hanga and his development and according to Lloyd, Hanga did a great job.

[We] tried to continue the work that we started in San Antonio. Try to develop Hanga, and help him be in better shape for NBA style. We worked very hard, and I have to say that Adam’s done a fantastic job.

Special attention is given to each player. The coaches are working hard to help them and bring out the best in them. They watch for what would be best for them in their careers, and their own lives.

Lloyd’s job with the Toros is player development and he will often be on the floor working with players, like he did with Hanga in San Antonio and in Hungary.

The Spurs choosing to invest so much in a player, when they haven’t done so for others speaks to Hanga’s transition to the NBA coming sooner rather than later. It’s unlikely that Hanga would come stateside for next season, but next summer may be the perfect time to bring him over.

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