Toros Allow Lead to Slip Away in Fourth Quarter


Early in the season the Toros looked like they were going to shadow the Spurs 12 game win streak (a club best start to the season). Just like their NBA affiliate they won the season opener, lost the second game, and then continued to win back-to-back games. I know what you’re thinking… four games in to the season is a bit early to start making predictions. As a result of me jumping the gun and making assumptions the Toros lost the next three games on the road. Just as the Spurs went about their win streak one game at a time, the Toros hope to do the same this season.

The Toros returned to the Cedar Park Center on Sunday after a rough week on the road.

On Tuesday the Toros traveled to Frisco for the Texas Legends home opener. In their first meeting ever the Legends defeated the Toros 139-112. The team posted a season high 28 points in the first quarter but it was not enough to secure the win.

Two days later they ventured further north of the Red River and ended up in Tulsa. The Tulsa 66ers limited the Toros shooting from downtown to four baskets. As a result Tulsa finished the night ahead 94-83.

Ending their road trip in Utah the Toros battled the Flash in the first game of a double-header. The bench scored half of the team’s 110 points, but it was not enough to end the road trip on a high note. Both teams traveled to Austin for Sunday’s game.

Seeking revenge for Friday’s game the Toros came out in the first quarter making basket after basket. Heading in to the second they led 30-18. By halftime their double-digit lead was nearly demolished behind Oriene Greene’s ability to make buckets (5-8 in the second). Greene continued to connect with the basket and notched a season high 37 points for Utah.

What can be said about Sunday’s game is the Toros had great ball movement. Few possessions went by where all players touched the ball. All the passing kept the Flash on the move and allowed for players to have open shots. As a result the Toros led the majority of the game.

And then the fourth quarter came about.

Once the Flash started trailing by a possession Coach Jones’ team got conservative with the ball and passing ceased. With 4:56 left in the game Brandon Costner’s long shot tied the game at 94. The team began to panic and let the lead slip away. The final 2:48 of the game the Toros were scoreless. As a result the Flash secured the victory after Andre Ingram made a 3-point shot with 1:07 left. Utah finished ahead 106-98.

Coming off the bench Lewis Clinch earned his third player of the game t-shirt after leading the team with 17 points and five assists.

The team will pack their bags and head to Sioux Falls on Tuesday.


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