Top 3 Worst Spurs Draft Picks


We hear all about how great the Spurs scouting department is at finding great players even in the late second rounds.  Sure we drafted greats like Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Sean Elliott but then there were the other we Spurs fans want to forget about.  Hoping for the best this Thursday at the 2009 NBA Draft, here are the Spurs top 3 worse draft picks:

3.  Marcus Williams: Drafted in 2007 in the second round, Williams showed how to play like a lost child in the wilderness.  Never showed he belonged at the NBA level even when we here at Project Spurs agreed he should have stayed at the University of Arizona to develop his game. He played for a few more teams in the NBA and the D-League and let’s not forget this tidbit as well, not only did this guy get cut from the Spurs, he went and got cut by the Austin Toros, a freaking D-League team!  Players available after Williams in the second round, Glen Davis and Marc Gasol. 

2.  Alfredrick Hughes:  Drafted in 1985 in the first round, Hughes played for the Spurs for one season, playing in 68 games averaging 5.2 points.  Awesome!  How did the Spurs brass bring themselves to pick this guy.  How bad was this guy entering the draft?  While playing at Loyola, T-shirts were all over campus reading “Save Loyola Basketball, Shoot Alfredrick Hughes.” Even buttons read “Alfred-brick.”  Really Spurs Front Office of 1985?  That wasn’t a clue for you? Players available after Hughes were Joe Dumars, A.C. Green and Terry Porter.

1.  Dwayne Schintzius:  The Original “Anti-Spur”.  Drafted in 1990 in the first round, Schintzius graced the Spurs with “style”, “class”, a movie star and a heaping amount of fail.  Let’s start off with the mullet.  He rocked the mullet like no one ever has in a Spurs uniform.  I heard his mullet was the source of his NBA “skills” like he was Sampson.  Cut the mullet off and Scintzius was mortal.  Want to talk “class”?  While at Florida, he tangled with Norm Sloan, refused to re-enter games, got into altercations with opposing players, fans and MASCOTS!  It gets better.  Off the court he assulted a person and a car with a tennis racket, and he spit on a young girl in San Antonio when she asked him for an autograph.  His Spurs playing days were cut short due to back injuries where he was traded to the Sacramento Kings for Antoine Carr.  Then Hollywood came calling where he played “Ivan Radovadovitch”, in the 1996 movie “Eddie.”  Players available after Schintzius, Toni Kukoc, Greg Foster, and Antonio Davis.