Top Team Blog Contest


We were emailed by Daniel of LABall Talk about participating in the Top Team Blog Contest and we obliged. The ballot is now up and if you have a minute and think we are the best Spurs blog, you can vote for us here.
As part of the contest, Daniel has asked me to post a short writeup on why voters should vote for us, so while I respect and think the other sites on the ballot are very good, this is why you should vote for us:
Project Spurs was started in 2004 and four years later, we have an active blog, weekly podcast and several other features for die-hard San Antonio Spurs fans. We were one of the first Spurs sites to start blogging regularly and the first to start a podcast. We believe in 100% original content and have stayed true to that since the beginning. We are also one of the most interactive Spurs sites on the net with live blogging going back two years ago and live call-in shows. Another one of our regular features is our “on location” coverage with video, photos and audio from three Spurs away games a year. Some of our other site features include our Spurs newswire with links to Spurs news from around the web, gallery with game photos and desktop wallpapers, and our season and playoff series preview packages. Aside from all of that, what makes us what we are is our hard-working staff and loyal visitors/listeners who motivate us to produce the best content we can.