Top Keto Supplements You Need for Your Workout

While on a keto diet, there are several supplements you can choose to help with your workouts. These supplements do not interfere with your keto diet.


Your body will require extra energy and fuel if you want to work out more. Preworkouts help to increase your mental focus, putting your mind in the right state for workouts. They will also speed up fat burning and increase adrenaline so as to keep you active throughout your workout session. The best pre workouts include creatine and BCAAs. 

BCAAs boost muscle strength and help prevent fatigue and improve your performance. Creatine quickly restores your energies especially in between high-intensity workouts. It is converted to phosphocreatine and stored in muscle tissue to be used as energy. Creatine is naturally available in red meat and fish but can also be found in the form of supplements. It is also a good supplement if you want to build lean body mass.


MCT oil is derived from coconuts, palm kernels, and yoghurt, etc. They are Medium- chain Triglycerides which are excellent energy sources and fat burning fatty acids. They differ from other fatty acids because they can be easily used as energy by your body.

MCT oils are directly absorbed in the small intestines where they are released to the liver then turned into ketones. These ketones are then used for energy and fat burning. They act as supplements for fatty acids which help your body to remain in the ketosis state and to reach the required amounts of fat every day. MCT oils can be consumed by adding to beverages or shakes and smoothies.  

Exogenous Ketones 

These are ketones given in the form of supplements and have been proven to put your body into ketosis. They are usually in the form of powder, liquid or pills and have a similar molecular structure as those found in your body. Exogenous ketones ease the ketogenic transition by accelerating its adaptation. 

Before your body begins to make ketones, you go through keto-flu. The exogenous ketones lessens the keto-flu duration by increasing the availability of ketones. Recent studies have found that exogenous ketones control appetite hence aiding the weight loss process. Just like the body’s natural ketones, exogenous ketones enhance your brain activity and reduce anxiety. If you want to know which one to choose, read this Perfect Keto Review.

Protein Powder

Powder protein increases your daily protein intake and prepares you for any workout, be it low or high intensity. It increases muscle production and the manufacture of enzymes, hormones, and other immune system components. Protein powder also boosts the ability of your body to heal and hence prevents muscles from overtraining, which can cause injury during workout. 

The most common powder protein is whey protein which aims at increasing muscle mass and improving your body’s physique and health. The quality of protein is measured through its Biological Value (BV). Whey protein is rich in amino acids that are both vital and less important, making its BV super high. Powder proteins are likely to work best if taken after a work out because that is when your body begins its healing process. 


These are the best supplements you can get your hands on when eating keto. If you want to maximize your result, try at least one of these or a combination so you can see the benefits.