Top four Lakers reactions to the McDyess tip caught on video


All eyes were on San Antonio Spurs’ Antonio McDyess after he made the game winning tip-in for the Spurs against the Los Angeles Lakers this past Thursday.

Spurs fans were cheering across the globe as they saw McDyess’ teammates rush to mob him on the court and witnessed Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich crack an elusive smile.

However, if you rewind the video of McDyess’ tip-in, a lot happened in 4.6 seconds for Spurs fans to savor. More directly, Spurs fans can savor Lakers’ heartache as the McDyess tip fell through the net.

With that being said, follow along with the video below to see the top four Lakers’ reactions to the McDyess tip-in.

4. Lakers’ assistant coach Chuck Person raises then lowers his arms. At the 13 second point of the video, watch the Lakers’ sideline as former Spurs’ player, now Lakers’ assistant coach, Chuck Person raises his arms in triumph after Tim Duncan misses the shot but suddenly lowers his arms when the tip-in goes through.

Hit the jump to see who made the top three spots.

3. Gasol leans on the bench at the 1:05 second point of the video above.

2. Lakers fan crumbles to his knees. At the 58 second point of the video, keep your eyes to the left of the screen and on the fan in the white Lakers jersey. Watch as he falls to his knees when he sees the ball fall through the basket.

1. Kobe pouts. Right when McDyess’ tip-in goes through, keep your eye on Kobe Bryant at the 15 second and the 1:01 point of the above video. Watch as he pouts by throwing his arms down and walks off in disgust. In a word: priceless!