Top 5 Signature Spurs Moves


Like a person’s finger print, there have been former and current Spurs who you know by a single identifying move on the court. However you describe it, their “go-to move,” or their “patented move,” when you see it happen you know they left their mark on the game.

So we here at Project Spurs present to you the top five signature moves from a Spur.

5. Antonio Daniels’ “Statue of Liberty Dunk.” During his time with the Spurs and throughout his NBA career, when Daniels was on a fast break, you knew what was coming. With one hand extended, he would take off and just dunk with authority. Those who dared to attempt to block his dunk, well, take a look at what happened.

4. Avery Johnson’s fake behind the back pass. While he was a Spur and throughout his NBA career, if he was leading a fast break, defenders often fell for his fake behind the back pass as he then got the lay up. Needless to say, defenders who fell for it had broken ankles.

3. Tony Parker’s “Teardrop” Shot. He is quick and can get into the paint almost at will.  Once he gets into the paint, more than likely he will score the basket. Doesn’t matter if it was the player guarding him or a big man waiting to block his shot, you know Parker is going to go with the “teardrop” shot. Check out his “teardrop” shot and other various ways he torments defenders.

2. Tim Duncan’s “Bank” Shot. Memo to all NBA players, you know that square outline on the backboard right above the rim? Might want to use it. It makes scoring a bit easier. But you don’t have tell that to Tim Duncan. If he is facing the basket and on the low block, defenders watch out. You know exactly what he is going to do but you just can’t stop it.

1. George Gervin’s “Finger roll.” Before Parker’s “teardrop” shot in the lane, there was Gervin’s “finger roll.”  It was a thing of beauty to see.  Just a simple flip shot in the lane and just when defenders thought they got the block, the ball would sail over their finger tips and into the basket. We all know Gervin could . . . FINGER ROLL!

 So Spurs fans, did we miss any other signature moves from a Spur? Leave us your thoughts on who else should be considered for this list.