Tony Parker sits out of Asvel loss to Lukoil


San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker sat out of Asvel-Villeurbanne’s second Eurocup game against Lukoil Academic and as expected, without Parker on the court, Asvel fell 66-62.

However, despite not having Parker on the court, Asvel could have won against Lukoil. After trailing Lukoil 17-4 in the opening quarter, Phil Goss and Ronny Turiaf led Asvel on an 11-2 run to close out the first quarter. Asvel eventually came back to tie the game and battled throughout the game.

Asvel held Lukoil to 11 points in the third quarter to narrow the gap at 50-44 heading into the fourth quarter. But despite holding Lukoil defensively in the fourth, Asvel missed easy shots and crucial free-throws down the stretch of to escape with the win.

Knicks’ Ronny Turiaf finished with 11 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists. There was no report as to why Parker sat out nor any report of injury.

Parker and Asvel will next face French club Strasbourg IG.