Tony Parker's on vacation


After a slightly shorter but still grueling NBA schedule, a trip to the Western Conference Finals and leading his team in the Olympics, Tony Parker is finally getting some time off.

Parker posted a couple pictures on his Facebook page showcasing his offseason vacation. I couldn’t tell you where he is, just that he’s in the desert.

The most popular picture is of Tony, decked out in all white, looking like he’s about to go for a ride on a camel. Some might call this a downgrade from Eva Longoria, but I find the camel to be quite easy on the eyes.

Some of his fans had fun with the picture, poking fun at his four-legged travel buddy, but mostly everyone was just wishing him a happy vacation.

Tony should enjoy the rest while he can. It’s only a few weeks until he’ll have to report to training camp for the San Antonio Spurs. Even though it seems like Parker has been a member of the team for forever, he’s only 30 years old. I would imagine he’ll be able to handle the shorter offseason just fine and he’ll be back in top form for this year.

The Spurs have a tough mountain to climb this season, going up against a new L.A. Lakers team and the same young, talented Thunder team from last year. Parker will have to be back in MVP form again if the Spurs are going to compete.

So he better not hurt himself falling off that camel or this buggy!

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