Tony Parker’s ‘Nueve’ nightclub closes its doors


You got to hand it to San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker. He excels on the court, and isn't afraid to try other ventures. From a rap career to slapping his face on many products, he isn't shy when it comes to trying things outside of the NBA.

One of his ventures was opening a nightclub in San Antonio named "Nueve Lounge" (Spanish for "nine" for his jersey number) and though it may have gotten off to a great start, it seems now the doors will be closing.

Parker and his brothers (who ran the establishment) announced that "Nueve Lounge" is no more.

“The time has come, San Antonio: All good things must come to an end,” the most recent Facebook post reads. “Nueve Lounge officially closed our doors this past Saturday night and we want to thank everyone who came and supported us in this endeavor.
“We had a great time making memories with you and will always remember them.”
Signs of the bar's trouble appeared on July 17, when a Facebook post announced that Nueve would be open only on Friday and Saturday.
Guess we will have to wait to see what Parker will try out next.