Tony Parker jokes De Colo will be getting the rookie treatment


It's a tradition in the NBA for any rookie entering their first season in the league – hazing. Whether it be practical jokes, carrying a teammates' bags or worse, any rookie should expect to get the rookie treatment even if you have been a pro overseas like San Antonio Spurs' Nando De Colo.

And as Nando enters his rookie season, what better player to get the rookie treatment going than his fellow countryman Tony Parker (via RMC

"Nando will be forced to get my hot chocolate and donuts for Tim Duncan!"

Of course TP is playing with his Spurs teammate who is now in San Antonio and staying with Parker at his San Antonio home as he looks for his own place but it's an exciting time for Nando as he will now be able to prove himself on basketball's highest stage and has already been putting in the work.

"The first three days, I was really alone in the gym. For the moment, I did shoot, and shoot and shoot."

And Nando is not simply going to stop improving just because he made it to the NBA.

"Since the draft, playing in the NBA has become a real goal. I knew that I had the opportunity to join the team. I worked hard for three years. I followed the advice of the Spurs' staff. I'm not going to stop there, but it's a big step. I hope to get game time. I'll work for it. Unlike Europe, there was plenty of time to work individually. It will allow me to progress."

Overall it seems the Spurs may have struck gold yet again late in the NBA Draft. De Colo may not be the quickest and he may have his detractors heading into his rookie season but he is a steady hand, a big guard, can make the timely assist, and isn't a typical rookie. He has played professionally for most of his young career overseas and will have an easier transition into the NBA considering he has played with Parker and Boris Diaw for Team France.

Let's just hope he makes the perfect assist on day one of his NBA journey – getting the right donuts for Duncan.