VIDEO: Tony Parker hits half court shot for the kids


Tony ParkerOnce again, Tony Parker is doing things for the French that he refuses to do for the San Antonio Spurs.  Late last week, the All-Star point guard was a participant in Boris Diaw's charity game in Bordeaux, France.  The half time entertainment involved a bunch of kids shooting half court shots in an attempt to win a watch from Diaw (I don't get that part either).  After several failed attempts, Parker decided to jump in and make some magic happen for one kid (H/T to Yahoo! Sports).

Parker took one step forward and drilled a half court shot, helping one youngster win a probably expensive watch from Diaw and his charity.  Nice to see Parker doing something for the kids.  It's also nice to not see the Rec-Specs Parker was wearing during the Olympics anywhere near this video.  But seriously, Tony, save some of that magic for the NBA season.  Didn't you hear the Lakers have assembled at team that's going to win 80 games?!?! Check out Parker's awesome trick shot below.

Photo: Business Insider