Parker: Career highlights include France, not Spurs


Tony ParkerWhile an Olympic gold medal has been elusive to San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, he's got plenty on his resume to be proud of, including multiple NBA championships, a NBA Finals MVP and being chosen as an all-star among others.

But when asked him (via Google translate) to list his career highlights, the Spurs were nowhere to be found.

Our defeat in 2004 against Greece. We were on the verge of being champions of Europe and the victory has escaped from us shortly. This kind of event you registered. 

My second time marking is the most beautiful of my career. My first champion of Europe with the junior team of France. This is probably my most memorable sports. At that time we had nothing to lose. We do not play for money. Just for the fun of basketball. This is one of the reasons why I play with the France team for 12 years now.

As Parker noted, he is now a 12-year veteran of the French national team and has taken that team from being an afterthought to a contender to medal in the Olympics. While many will likely ask why Parker didn't mention any of the Spurs' titles, he very likely could have been interviewed about his career with Les Bleus only.
Parker also talked about how sports taught him values and the importance of teamwork.